Melissa Shane

Melissa Shane is on a mission to help business owners understand their financial statements. She is a CFO turned entrepreneur having founded ID Pro Accounting and now Numbers and Tech. Educated with an MBA and accounting degree, she has a unique background having worked inside both corporate and start-up companies helping them account and grow profitable businesses. This background provides current clients with the unique advantages derived from these experiences. Just a few years ago, as a result of careful personal financial planning Melissa and her husband Randall sold everything, bought Ludlow the Van and traveled over 10,000 miles to find the perfect home. They chose Boise. She knows what it takes to be able to create the foundation to pursue your dreams. Melissa wants to live in a world filled with dark chocolate, snuggly dogs and fluffy blankets. Find practical and doable tips on her popular Instagram account @NumbersAndTech.

Randall Shane PhD

Dr. Randall Shane is a Machine Learning and AI developer. He possesses a PhD in Computer Science and a Graduate Certificate from Stanford University in Data Mining. Formerly a US Army Veteran, he has held positions ranging from CTO to Chief Data Scientist with expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence development for web, mobile and scientific applications. Early in Dr. Shane’s career, he was a testimonial expert specializing in computer and computational forensics. This included the investigation of white collar crimes including fraud, embezzlement and disputes. Past expert witness testimony include isolating a significant universe of trading violations , on the NYSE. This work was performed in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Southern District of NY US Attorney’s Office and the Securities & Exchange Commission, Division of Enforcement. The engagement isolated violation trades across several years within a billion trade per day data set and associated criminal, civil and administrative hearing testimony. Dr. Shane currently develops and maintains AI systems with functionality powering applications and start ups. These include a prediction product for eCommerce inventory, a Natural Language Processing engine for digesting text and a classification neural network for transactional decision making. He recently released an updated version of Python in 100 Pages published on Amazon and iTunes and is the author and maintainer of the fkscore python library, (Flesch-Kincaid Readability Scoring) available on PyPI. He is an adjunct professor at Boise State University and University of California Irvine and writes iPhone applications in his spare time when he isn’t off paragliding!

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