How-To Best Choose your Web Presence with 1 Simple Choice

It is vitally important for business owners to choose the correct type of web presence to accompany their business needs. There are 3 main types of web pages that facilitate the range from basic presence to specific functionality. We’ll look at the options below but lets discuss a few important factors first.

Web pages today need to be developed with a ‘mobile first’ approach.  According to Pew Internet, over 85% of Americans own a smartphone  and statista quotes web searches at 60% originating from mobile devices excluding tablets.  The mobile first approach accommodates the type of traffic we see in modern life. Think about how often you look something up on your phone!

The next question to answer before beginning development is to determine what type of functionality you need for your business. We generally find this falls into 3 main categories; simple presence, complex function, ands specific functionality. For all of the sites you will need to know a few terms and there are a few items to be configured before starting. These include registering the the domain name (we recommend namecheap for their ease of use). Many people use go daddy, which limits your email options but functions just fine. Once registered, you’ll need a web host and to configure DBS (domain name services). More on that in another article!! Then, you’re ready to get started!

Determine your WEB presence

Let your web presence work for you effectively. Don’t overspend and always track performance!

Simple Presence Websites

Simple web presence sites are configured to provide a web presence with the option of minimal functionality. Examples; blog, downloads, articles, etc. While a site of this type can be coded from scratch, it is often more efficient to use a content management system like WordPress, Wix or Joomla. These sites are often more use templates and are more of a configuration exercise than a coding exercise. They allow the business owner to easily maintain and update their own content and are quite adept in their mobile responsiveness. Simple websites can be done in less than a week.

Complex Function Websites

Complex function includes those sites that have a more standard functional type like eCommerce, scheduling or eLearning but require a specific type of application to facilitate their function. This can be achieved with packaged software like Shopify, Start Booking or uDemy. Implementation is a combination of configuration and customization and usually, for a fee provide the business owner with the ability to manage it themselves. These types of services also work well for mobile and can come with their own specific mobile apps. Complex websites require more configuration and development time. The complexity of the site will dictate the time to launch. Think of these as 2 weeks to a month depending on the depth of content.

Specific Functionality Websites

Specific functionality sites are those sites where a business has a very specific type of functionality they provide and it makes sense for them to provide this function, or some supporting function across the web. We seen this commonly with sign in sites where a user manages some aspect of their account and the operations and adjoin it. These sites are normally built from scratch with a division of languages. The ‘back end’ language provides the functionality of the site, often integrated with a database and the ‘front end’ provides the look and feel as well as the mobile component. Specific functionality websites are usually developed by bid and that bid comes with development milestones and a schedule for launch.

Deciding what your business needs is the first step. Remember that as your business needs change, so can your page type requirement. We will work with you to determine the most efficient method of developing what you need. Our motto is to not recreate the wheel and find out its still round! We configure and code it ourselves. No outsourcing, no nonsense and we can enable you to make updates and maintain it yourself or we’ll do it for you.

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